Coming into today's games Faker has an absolutely insane 86% win rate in World Championship games.

7-1 Season 3 Group Stages 2-0 Season 3 Quarters 3-2 Season 3 Semis 3-0 Season 3 Finals 6-0 Season 5 Groups 3-0 Season 5 Quarters 3-0 Season 5 Semis 3-1 Season 5 Finals 5-1 Season 6 Groups 3-1 Season 6 Quarters For a total of 38 Wins and only 6 losses over his 44 games played in the World Championship. submitted by /u/KatuhlyzT [link] [comments]

Report about ANX coming home on major Russian TV channel

You have probably seen that post about how ANX were greeted when they came back to Moscow, but that wasn’t all, and this morning NTV, one of 3 most popular Russian TV channels, aired a report about that. Here it is Can’t provide translation at the moment, but journalists were very positive about our guys, congratulated them as well and underlined that esports is now considered as sports in Russia. It’s actually pretty cool to see that even our TV admits their success. Edit: not only NTV, but also channel…

Free Talk Friday – October 21st

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, animals and species, it’s your fellow moderator /u/Alkser here since /u/IcyColdStare (again) forgot to post FTF thread and /u/sarahbotts is nowhere to be seen! Enjoy the free discussions on here. Oh and yeah. Enjoy worlds as well! P.S. /u/IcyColdStare is mine no matter what others say. Just don’t listen to them, they’re all just jealous. <3 submitted by /u/Alkser [link] [comments]